Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Growth in Intragovernmental Debt

Here's a breakdown in the growth under the Bush Administration of what the government owes to itself, using trust-fund accounting.

While Social Security has grown as a percentage from 40% in 2000 to 50% today, other programs have had remarkable growth.

DOD-Medicare has grown from $18 billion in the first year of 2003 to $92 billion in 2007. This has more than swamped the programs that were eliminated or consolidated...

The Pension benefit and nuclear waste disposal program have also shown strong growth.

Program Title - Balance in $Millions
/ 2000%
SSAFederal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund17%1,968,26250%/40%
OPMCivil Service Retirement and Disability Fund5%687,66517%/22%
HHSFederal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund13%319,3778%/8%
SSAFederal Disability Insurance Trust Fund13%213,8305%/5%
DODMilitary Retirment Fund4%190,2325%/7%
DODDOD Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund100%92,1712%/%
DOLUnemployment Trust Fund-2%74,9232%/4%
FDICThe Bank Deposit Insurance Fund9%47,5151%/1%
DOENuclear Waste Disposal Fund18%39,4351%/1%
HHSFederal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund-2%39,2481%/2%
DOLPension Benefit Guaranty Corporation34%35,7751%/%
OPMEmployees Life Insurance Fund7%32,9651%/1%
OPMPostal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fundn.a.
HUDFHA- Liquidating Account4%22,4051%/1%
TreasExchange Stabilization Fund7%16,436%/%
OPMEmployees Health Benefits Fund16%15,890%/%
DOSForeign Service Retirement and Disability Fund5%14,378%/%
DOTHighway Trust Fund-9%12,205%/1%
VANational Service Life Insurance Fund-2%9,752%/1%
RRB:Railroad Retirement Account-14%
DOTAirport and Airway Trust Fund-14%
FDICThe Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF)-14%

Other programs and Funds7%86,3732%/3%

Total Intragovernmental Obligations

source: US Treasury (taking over reports from Bureau of the Public Debt), GAO

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