Monday, June 23, 2008

CO-2 Lockdown

If you build-smart, you can put CO-2 on lockdown, by "fixing" cement:

When portland cement is mixed, about 33% of the CO2 , that is released in the kilns, is sequestered back into its “micro-crystal” formation during the curing period, that lasts upwards of 100 years.

When MgO Ceramic Cements are mixed, close to 200% of the CO2 that was released in the kilns is sequestered, during the curing period, lasting only 180 days. And even more is possible with the introduction of bio-mass (the best being Hemp), creating more minerals and space to “petrify”, sequestering even more CO2!

In 2006, the United States produced an estimated 101 million tons of cement,* resulting in the direct release of 50.5 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. This calculation is independent of the gases released by the combustion of fuels consumed in making cement, which can equal the amount produced by calcining.

Concrete is the principal building material in regions where wood is unavailable.

We lack the will and coordination, not the means ... The energy future is bright, if we can get past the barriers to seizing it.

It may prove a bigger problem easier to fix than "healthcare", even. "Ha!", as Chris Matthews would say.

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