Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Haiku - A Meta-meme, not a Trophe

Professor Balkin wittily introduces much needed meme for memes.

Moreover, as a memeticist, I am always on the lookout for new ways for academics to spread their memes ever more widely. The haiku is a far better meme than the abstract could ever be. It entices, it inveigles, it leaves the reader wanting more. The haiku is the delightful amuse bouche to the abstract's dry and tasteless dinner roll.
This week, I present a haiku of a recent work of my own, and one I wrote in honor of Sandy Levinson's latest book.
Original meaning,
The Living Constitution,
Are one and the same.

Abortion bans are
Compulsory motherhood,
Class legislation.
I might attribute this one, in my own rephrase, to the inimitable Ingo Walter (from whom it may have originated or not, I don't know):

Post-graduate education,
Postpone present consumption,
To postpone future consumption.

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