Friday, March 2, 2007

2008 GOP Candidates on Taxes: Mitt Romney

For reasons that are inscrutible, I'm moving the series on 2008 Candidates and taxes to this blog.

Voodoo Economists, artist Mark Kostabi.
Mitt Romney seems posed to take the mantal of atavistic economic policy.

I'm not sure if I've got all this right, but this is what I understand so far:

Romney (advised by Mankiw, among others): No new taxes, no "wartime" tax, extend the repeal of the estate tax; the problem is with line-item veto, tax-code complexity, and ... tort-reform (of course) and doing 'something other than CAFE standards'.

ref: Detroit Econ Club Speech


So, what does combining social division of the electorate and pandering to the super-rich get you?

The AP is reporting this afternoon that Team Romney is seeing the dollar signs and raising some pretty astounding figures off of their website, — to the tune of $1.4 million in one month!

Romney’s website has been taking donations since January 3, and up to the beginning of this week, one month’s time, they have raised $1.4 million - on top of the nearly $7 million raised in one day after Romney announced his exploratory committee.

The numbers are even more significant when compared to Howard Dean, the darling of the online community, and his campaign last year. It took him two months to even reach the $1 million mark - and that was a full year after he created his campaign committee. Add to that the fact that Democrats have always been able to raise more than Republicans on the web, and you’ve got a powerful contender in the money race with Mitt Romney. link

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