Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Invincible Wall Street

More in our series, "Invincible Wall Street" (for the record).

Let us enjoy our cake, we're the good guys?:

JPMorgan Chase is considering spending $138 million to buy new corporate jets and a hangar to house them, ABC News reported Monday. ...The banking giant, one of the few firms to hold steady so far in the financial turmoil, plans to spend nearly $120 million for two Gulfstream 650 planes and an $18 million renovation for a hangar at Westchester Airport outside New York City, according to ABC News.

“When I hear the constant vilification of corporate America, I personally don’t understand it,” Mr. Dimon said recently. “I would ask a lot of our folks in government to stop doing it because I think it’s hurting our country.”

Why do overpaid search firms, or whatever, always turn up the same cast of characters?:

Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont who is independent in spirit as well as party label, has placed a hold on President Obama's nomination of Gary Gensler to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

...and another Phoenix:

One of the enduring mysteries of American life is how it is, exactly, that so many people guilty of serious breaches of the public trust manage to maintain respectability in virtue of having committed this breaches while working for Republican presidents. Here’s Fred Malek guest-hosting on CNBC and loading Rep Paul Ryan’s “give more money to rich people” alternative budget. Who’s Fred Malek? Read this Colbert King article for the full details. But to make a long story short, though Malek is most infamous for the fact that on Richard Nixon’s behest he compiled a list of Jews working at the Bureau of Justice Statistics

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