Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pictures - Regional Economics


We do not have a national housing market - Alan Greenspan (and others)

...which is true, until there is a national credit crunch?

Here is a map from the WSJ that puts up some data on where the spending and relief may be going, throughout the country. On a per-capita basis, it's spread pretty evenly:

Here is the latest foreclosure map from the NY Fed. Sorta makes the approach look less than perfectly targeted, although maybe foreclosures are not the best metric. Still ...:

Here are the persistent poverty areas, a designation defined in the house bill, HR-1, as of 1990 (yeah, quite old, but...). Notice that almost all the non-metro areas are all ... in red-state, South.

Here is the change in economic activity, as measured by the Philly Fed - direction is most important here (notice the states that have been spared, so far);

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