Saturday, December 2, 2006

"Open" Reply to President Ahmadi-nejad

In the name of God, the Almighty,

Dear Mr. President,

I know you will have too many replies, so let me thank you for your dialogue and be brief. As you know, dialogue - true dialogue - implies that you also seek understanding, which means that you are willing to change. I hope you are.

To start, I have three requests. Stop supporting Hizb'allah. Stop supporting Hizb'allah. Stop supporting Hizb'allah. They feed off the despair of the Palestinian people and they do not protect anyone from anything, although they carry guns and threaten even the Lebanese government with their lawlessness and criminality.

We do not look for the days when nations rise up against nations. You and your Supreme Leaders have done more to stir up the passions of your people against America, far, far more, than our leaders have regarding the Iranian people, who we respect and from who we can expect respect.

You will not achieve respect or security from nuclear weapons. If you have no deceits, open up your history to the IAEA, who have requested that you go through the steps necessary to build trust among peoples. If you cannot do this, becuase you will lose face in revealing that your government, in fact, did pursue these weapons some time ago when it said it was not, then find another way; but please stop the game of raising oil prices by threatening everyone, a step that is neither for Iranians nor for Americans.

We understand that the Palestinians need a political system of their own, one in which they have good governance institutions, and leaders who work for the people, instead of exploiting them for the hopeless task of assailing Israel without end, who will never submit. When we hear more words of peace from you and the Iranian peace plan, we will take your words about the suffering of the Palestinian people as more than what similar words have meant in their history from leaders who came before you, namely, the exploitation of the Palestianians for your own purposes. Let the Palestinians go to negotiate peace themselves and support them to do it - you cannot achieve it for them. All faithful people want that for themselves and for their children.

All Glory to Allah, and not to Iran or to America.

In peace,

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